Alumni profile: Rosemary Macintosh

Rosemary Macintosh

Freelance Consultant

MLitt PT 2016-2018

Beginning in 2010, my museum experience has very much ‘hands on’. Living in a rural part of the far north of Scotland, I have been fortunate in being able to acquire a wide range of operational skills through my local volunteer-led museum. The part-time MLitt option allowed me the opportunity to learn the theory behind the practice. It also complemented my previous two degrees (Business Studies and Social Work) and inspired a career change.

Successful completion of this course has given me the confidence to get out of my comfort zone and go freelance. I now hope to pursue projects promoting community participation within the heritage sector, particularly in the more remote localities of the Scottish Highlands. As one of the ‘less youthful’ students, I am grateful to the St Andrews experience for the reminder that we are never too old to learn!

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