Alumni Profile: Katie Murray

Katie Murray

Operations Coordinator- Education & Partnerships

FT 2011 – 2012, PhD 2017

I work for an expedition cruise company that run trips to the polar regions, North Atlantic and South America. Though outside a museum setting, my role involves skills I learned on the course. Part of the job is to coordinate onboard displays, sourcing exhibitions and working with museums to have them installed. I design workshops and curate collections of objects and replica artefacts for use in educational programming. Part of my role involves working as a polar history lecturer onboard and draws on my doctoral research.

Thinking back to the course, I was fascinated by the assignment where we had to identify an artefact and write to its imaginary donor. I loved the combination of research, problem solving and public engagement necessary to complete the task. And, of course, another favourite part was the opportunity to work as a curator on South Georgia, which led directly to my current role.

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