Alumni Profile: Charlotte Goodhew

Charlotte Goodhew
Collections & Programmes Manager, MCC Museum, Library & Archive, Lord’s Trustee, Museum of Wimbledon

MLitt, 2004-2005

Following my degree in art history and various curatorial internships, I was very focused on becoming a museum professional. Staying for a second degree at St Andrews was an easy decision because the university and department is outstanding.

The postgraduate degree was project focused and wide-ranging. It gave me the skills to bring MCC Museum up to Accreditation standards and more. The material explored was relevant and up-to-date and I felt industry ready upon graduating.

During my degrees, I worked directly with art and crafts makers at a local gallery, as well as on a 9-month research and documentation project at The Royal Scottish Academy.

Before graduation, I secured a job at the Dallas Museum of Art in Texas where I co curated major award winning touring exhibitions. There is no doubt that my degrees gave me the skills and experience to undertake my dream jobs.

I will always be grateful to the passionate and supportive staff who continue to take a genuine interest.

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