Alumni Profile: Fleur Kronenberg

Fleur Kronenberg  Partnership Developer at VPRO (Dutch national broadcaster) MLitt, 2015-16 Since graduating in 2016 I have been working for several Dutch cultural institutions, as both marketeer and as fundraiser. The first year after graduating was still mainly unpaid internships, but this gradually grew into paid project work or covering maternity leave and finally became proper … Read more

Alumni Profile: Kanupriya Sharma

Kanupriya Sharma Senior Archiving Consultant, Eka Cultural Resources, New Delhi MLitt, 2017-18 Kanupriya arrived in St Andrews from India to pursue a second Masters in Museum and Gallery Studies with a heightened passion to positively contribute to the developing cultural sector back in her country. MGS opened many doors for her and she plans to … Read more

Alumni Profile: Matthew Bellhouse Moran

Matthew Bellhouse Moran Curator, Scottish Maritime Museum MLitt FT 2014-2015 I enjoyed most the practical aspect of the course: the opportunity to act on museum theory and compare and contrast with “real life” was more useful than anything I could have gleaned from traditional classroom learning alone. Completing the course instilled in me the core … Read more